Edwina Hughes

When I inherited Lofts Farm, I did not appreciate the value of having Paul Walker of Whirledge & Nott by my side as Land Agent and business advisor. The professional advice and support I have received over the past 8 years, has been immeasurable and I can appreciate how much my father and brother trusted the advice and support they received.  As a small enterprise, Playle and Hughes need the easy access to informed advice provided by Whirledge & Nott. Over recent years this has covered probate, farm planning and the sale of land, liaison with other professionals including solicitors and prospective buyers, and an understanding of the new direction of the business to incorporate diversity in farming linking with the environment. Whirledge & Nott have provided me with a strong client relationship with a professional foundation in a changing landscape of agricultural policy where the challenges require a confident and reliable resource to consult.

That is Whirledge & Nott!

Posted on 14 March 2024
by Hazel Bates


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