What is the Sustainable Farming Incentive?

The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) is a new government scheme that provides financial support to farmers to adopt and maintain sustainable farming practices that can protect and improve the environment.

The SFI offers a 3-year agreement that rewards farmers for implementing environmentally friendly practices such as improving soil health, enhancing biodiversity, and reducing carbon emissions.

 Key points:

 You can ‘pick and mix’ from a variety of actions.

  • Payments will be made quarterly.
  • A management payment will contribute to participation costs.
  • You have the option to incorporate new actions into your agreement annually.
  • The SFI will support annual health and welfare checks for your livestock.
  • Tenant farmers can participate in SFI agreements if they have expected management control throughout the duration.

What’s on offer?

There are currently 23 actions available and we are expecting a further 50 actions to be launched in Summer 2024, including precision farming and agroforestry.

Let us know if we can help you.

Posted on 07 May 2024
by Grace Gardiner

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