Founded on the 1st January 1988 by Tom Whirledge and Nigel Nott, originally based in the Chelmsford cattle market, Whirledge & Nott has a strong and proud association with the farming community.  Michael Hughes joined as a graduate trainee six months later and the business has strengthened and grown steadily ever since.

Tom and Nigel’s focus was selling cattle, farms and advising on farming subsidies, but it became apparent there was an abundance of land, property, and development diversification opportunities in our region. Sustainable growth and a progressive outlook enabled us to anticipate and react to these unique opportunities benefiting our clients greatly and making Whirledge & Nott one of the leading multi-disciplined professional property consultancies in the region.


  • Stan Skinner joined James Abbott & Co (incorporated in 1938)

  • Tony Simmonds joined as partner and the Wickford office was opened.

    • Roy Chapman joined as partner.
    • Donald Tanton joined Offin & Rumsey.
    • The Witham, Colchester, Clacton, and Halstead offices opened.
  • Tom Whirledge, partner at GB Hilliard & Son, Offin & Rumsey and James Abbott Dennis Smith formed the James Abbott Partnership (shortened to Abbotts).

    • Nigel Nott joined Abbotts in the 1970s.
    • 1977: A E Spear & Sons joined Abbotts.
    • 1978: Stan Skinner retires.
    • 1st January 1988 Whirledge & Nott formed, with Tom Whirledge and Nigel Nott.
    • Michael Hughes joined Whirledge & Nott.
  • Michael Hughes becomes a partner

  • Tom Whirledge retires

  • December 2011 Whirledge & Nott Ltd incorporated

  • Nigel Nott steps down as partner aged 65

  • Michael Hughes, Kate Jennings, Paul Walker, David Milbourn and Guy French become the W&N board

  • Nigel Nott retires

    • Anthony Hicks appointed to the board
    • Caroline Homewood joins W&N as a board member and company secretary
  • Guy French leaves to run his family business

    • Whirledge & Nott celebrates its 35th anniversary
    • Matthew Gill appointed to the board of directors