Habitat Database

Habitat Database

Whirledge & Nott are market leaders in identifying, negotiating and formalising agreements between landowners and developers, which enable biodiversity offsetting or create habitat for relocated protected species in return for meaningful capital and income reward.

Our aim is to help developers, landowners and planning authorities to move towards no net loss of biodiversity and achieve measurable net gains for nature in accordance with the emerging national policy.

Our Habitat Database service offers opportunities for;

  • Relocation of protected species
  • Offsetting net loss through bio-diversity compensation
  • Long term monitoring management and/or ownership of environmental sites peripheral to developments

The Habitat Database also;

  • Satisfies the appropriate planning authorities
  • Adds environmental credibility
  • Delivers meaningful environmental gain

Our team work closely with the planning authorities to simplify the process as well as providing comfort and certainty in relation to long-term monitoring and management of sites. We also work closely with experienced solicitors who can provide appropriate contracts.

Latest National Planning Policy Framework guidance requires that developers relocate certain protected species and/or deliver net gain in biodiversity to the environment.

In order to do so they will often need third party land on which to achieve these requirements.

Our Habitat Database consists of numerous sites to enable developer compliance subject to payment in return for which the landowner will typically have to;

  1. Enter into an agreement for up to 30 years
  2. Manage the site in accordance with pre-determined guidelines
  3. Allow a third party to monitor implementation of the management guidelines

Payments to the landowner vary from site to site but can equate to a significant proportion of the underlying land value.

Contact Us
If you are interested in any of the services that we can offer through the Habitat Database then contact Hannah Buckenham at Whirledge & Nott.

07552 589532
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Hannah will give you more background generally and also explain how you can achieve conformity with the latest DEFRA regulations and the National Planning Policy Framework.

The first step is to engage an ecologist to assess your site for suitability and assess the number of bio-diversity "units" it can offer to a developer under the Defra metric. Having done so if and when appropriate we then negotiate terms for species relocation or bio-diversity compensation to achieve net gain for the developer. These terms will include appropriate stipulations for monitoring and management.

Our fees are commensurate and success-based.

Contact any of the Habitat Database team today to see how we can help you.

Hannah Buckenham
Michael Hughes
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