Courts & Expert Witness

A sad inevitability is that many of us will need dispute resolution at some stage.  We regularly provide expert witness on a range of issues relating to most types of property and tenure.  Statements can be provided in writing or in person.  We work closely with the clients' professional team and have experience of all the major courts, arbitration tribunals and mediation.

We carefully accumulate sales comparables (back to 1982) as well as rental, planning and other comparables and have recently provided expert witness to support all of the following:

  • Agricultural justification for residential accommodation on a llama farm
  • Valuation evidence associated with a partnership split
  • Expert witness in relation to property assets associated with a divorce settlement
  • Evidence to support a claim to evict trespassers
  • Evidence to support parties at rental arbitrations
  • Evidence relating to damage following access by statutory undertakers

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